Our Mission

The Chamber of Commerce of the Two Virginias is an alliance of businesses and individuals committed to serving our region by encouraging business and commerce, developing leaders, and enhancing our quality of life.

From the President / CEO Jeff Disibbio

"What an achievement! After several conversations dating as far back as the 1970s, that we could find, the Greater Bluefield Chamber of Commerce and Princeton-Mercer County Chamber of Commerce has merged to become The Chamber of Commerce of the Two Virginias. Credit for this falls solely to the dedication of both Boards of Directors for seeing the project through and to the memberships for the overwhelming support of the merger. Specifically, I would like to thank the following individuals who sacrificed many hours serving as the Joint Committee on Merger: Natasha Culver, Charity Holman, Tammie Lucas, Jason Reed, Rebekah Ritter, and Kim Bowman-Smith.

What can you expect as a member for the 2019 year? We hope that you find the format changes more engaging. Our membership dues have been renamed a membership investment structure and have been expanded into a tiered structure. Why? The dollars, participation, and time you give to this organization are just that, an investment. We desire you to choose your level of engagement with your Chamber. We also seek to provide you the option to plan that engagement in advance. Like all things, the more you give to this experience, the more you will take from it!

Programs and events will be evolving over the next two years. We should always be asking how active the Chamber is being in achieving its mission. This will be done by implementing new tracking measures and utilizing analytics through online engagement. While events may have a different name, new format, or a new venue, they will always support our mission.

In closing, this new Chamber stands on the shoulders of many who created great cornerstones in our communities through our previous two Chambers. Just as they were the product of outstanding volunteers, this too will be established through the work of great leaders in our region. We are extremely fortunate to have so many who desire to see business and commerce grow, leaders trained and developed, and our quality of life enhanced in our region. Thank you for being part of the Chamber."